5 Tips to Pick a Reliable Plastic Surgeon

5 Tips to Pick a Reliable Plastic Surgeon

Facelift has become one of the most common cosmetic operations in the medical world of today. This is why more and more people become plastic surgeons, and unfortunately not always the best ones. Today we would like to share five easy but very useful tips to choose and work with a professional in order to always remain on the safe side.ID-100281296


There is no secret that it is not only prohibited by the law but also against common sense to work, cooperate, and trust a plastic surgeon without a certification and license. If you want your cosmetic surgeon to be a real professional then you have to always work with licensed doctors.

First of all, only licensed doctors are allowed to perform facelift surgeries. Secondly, it is your own peace of mind. License and board-certification means that a person you are talking to has undergone 5 to 7 years or training before he or she has started to operate on people. Furthermore, license means that a person passes a written test every 10 years to prove his or her qualification and ability to perform such surgeries.

Check the record

Never go to the surgeons whose record you did not check. You need to consult your friends or family members who have undergone face-lifting surgery and listen to their advice and recommendations. After that, make sure to check recommendations of unknown people in the internet about specific doctors. After you get recommendations and names of several doctors, make sure to check the doctor’s record about the malpractice judgments, or any disciplinary actions of a professional. Try to choose a ‘clean’ doctor.

Ask about the hospital privileges

If you go to an outpatient clinic for your surgery, it is always worth asking about the doctor’s hospital privileges. According to professionals, every reliable and reputable cosmetic surgeon will have privileges. If you see no, then this is a big red flag.

Ask questions

One of the most common mistakes of patients is not asking questions. Doctors do not explain everything you may wonder about, because they pay attention to the things that matter to them. Professionals in facelift operations say that it is your responsibility as a patient to ask every single question that bothers or interests you.

Multiple procedures

Some cosmetic surgery procedures can be performed together, such as facelift and rhino plastic surgeries, but you have to understand that the more procedures you do at a time, the higher the stakes are.

Most frequently people choose to combine several plastic surgeries together in order to save money. If you consider such option, be even more careful than with only one procedure. In this case you need to make sure that the plastic surgeon, whom you plan to go with, has already performed operations you want him to together, because it is generally a bad idea to be the guinea pig, especially because it concerns your face. However, of course, if your doctor is sure in the final result and he or she has already done many of such operations, then you can definitely rely on the experience of his or hers.

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