Do You Have Risks of Becoming Alcoholic?

Do You Have Risks of Becoming Alcoholic?

Causes of alcohol use disorder are many and usually various factors act before one become victim of alcohol use disorder. Genetic as well as social, psychological and environmental factors play a role in alcohol use disorder. Different individual have different tolerance level to similar kind of drinks and similar quantity of alcohol. However, at certain level everyone becomes alcohol dependent and develop alcohol use disorder. There are several factors that increase risk of becoming alcoholic or victim of alcohol use disorder. They are,ID-10099848

Drinking pattern. Drinking excess alcohol on a regular basis or binge drinking frequently can lead to alcohol use disorder and associated problems.
Genetics play an important role too along with environment. If you have family history of alcoholism or if one grows up in an environment where alcohol use is common, the risk of becoming alcoholic and alcohol use disorder is very high. Children of alcoholic parents are more prone to develop alcohol use disorder.
Individuals who start drinking at early age are at greater risk of becoming alcoholic in later age compare to individuals who start drinking later in life, although anyone can become alcoholic at any age.
Environment, social and cultural factors play an important role too in alcohol use disorder. For simple reason, alcoholism is more common in countries where alcohol use is common, it is easily available and culturally acceptable trend. If one has friend or partner who drinks regularly increase risk of alcoholism. If parents drink regularly, their children also likely to start drinking sooner or later.
Associated psychological or psychiatric problem can also lead to drinking. Persons with psychiatric problems such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder etc. have higher risk of developing alcohol use disorder.
Coping with alcoholism or alcohol use disorder:

If any member of a family is suffering from alcohol use disorder, all the family members are affected. It becomes duty of every family member to support the individual overcome the alcohol use disorder. There are various support groups and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that deal in alcoholism, such as

Alcoholics Anonymous or AA is well known self-help group of people recovering from alcohol use disorder. Following this group can be of great benefit in recovery from alcohol use disorder.
There are some women groups such as “Women for Sobriety” a self-help nonprofit organization that help in overcoming alcoholism and other addictions.
There are also groups that do not directly deal with addicts (alcoholics or other addictions), but deal with individuals who are affected by alcoholism of others (a relative, partner, sibling or children etc.).
Joining these groups can help one cope with alcohol use disorder and also provide encouragement for recovery from alcohol use disorder.

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