Home Remedy, Alternative Medicine and Prevention of Alcohol Use Disorder

Home Remedy, Alternative Medicine and Prevention of Alcohol Use Disorder

Home remedies for alcohol use disorder:

Changing lifestyle and changing attitude and habit can be of great help in tackling alcohol use disorder.

Healthy habits are important not only for healthy life, but also useful in alcohol use disorder. Healthy lifestyle is very helpful, especially during recovery from alcohol use disorder. Eat healthy, sleep well, do regular physical exercise, manage stress appropriately can be of great help.
Get involved in things/hobbies/activities that does not involve alcohol and drinking. Replace things/hobbies/activities you may have, that involves alcohol with things/hobbies/activities that does not involve alcohol use.
If you have peer group that is involved in drinking regularly, it is time to give a thought about the peer group. Make it clear categorically to your friends and family members that you are no more drinking. You will have to distance yourself from friends and social groups that hamper your recovery from alcohol use disorder. It is time to have clear understanding who are your true friends.ID-100379479
Alternative medicines in alcohol use disorder:

You should not replace your regular anti addiction treatment with alternative medicine. This is not recommended. However, various alternative medicine systems can be of great additional benefit, alongside conventional medical therapy for alcohol use disorder. These include,

Yoga: various yoga postures and breathing exercises can be of great benefit for recovery from alcohol use disorder. These techniques can help in relaxation and stress management.
Acupuncture can be also of great help, in some patients with alcohol use disorder.
Try meditation. This can help focus your attention to one point and help in recovery from alcohol use disorder.

Prevention of alcohol use disorder:

Early intervention is the only effective way to prevent alcohol use disorder among teens. If you have teenagers at home, be watchful about signs and symptoms of alcohol use disorder and take precaution. The following are common symptoms of alcohol use disorder,

The teenager may lose interest in personal appearance, as well as hobbies and activities that used to be his/her favorite.
Grades at school may decline and school authorities may report problems with the teenager.
Mood swing. The teenager may become defensive and change in behavior.
The teenager may change friends and join a new friend group. There may be difficulties with previous friends as well.
Symptoms of drinking such as difficulty or slurred speech, red eyes, memory problem etc. may appear.
If your teenage child starts alcohol at early age and become alcoholic, you need to talk to him/her openly and frankly and discuss the problems and disadvantages of drinking alcohol. Spent quality time with your children and also let your child know clearly what behavior you expect. These can help prevent alcohol use disorder.

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