How Can I Lessen My Toothache Pain Until I Can Get To A Dentist?

How Can I Lessen My Toothache Pain Until I Can Get To A Dentist?

All pain in the body is unpleasant, but surely one of the hardest to deal with has to be toothache. Maybe it is its proximity to the pain-centre in the head i.e. the brain, which makes it incredibly difficult to cope with. No matter the reason for the discomfort, when toothache strikes, it can be excruciatingly painful and hard to ignore. If the pain only strikes when eating or drinking cold food, then it is simple enough to work around this until you can get to a dentist. However, if you have broken a tooth, lost a filling or something similar and the pain is constant, how can you deal with the pain? If you are struggling to see your dentist then you could buy codeine uk this would be a online safe solution.
Seeing a dentist

Usually, there is no other solution than to see a dentist but so often, toothache seems to occur during holidays or weekends when dental surgeries are closed. If you have to put up with your toothache for some time, it may even worsen. If the cause of the problem is an infection, then this may become more severe. Abscesses can be terrifically painful, so you may have no other option than to seek out an emergency dentist or, failing that, make use of painkillers to reduce the discomfort until you can get an appointment to be seen.

Pain similar to toothache

Painkillers may also help you to deal with other pain, similar to toothache, in the short term. Ulcers on the gums, pain from a new tooth breaking through (such as a wisdom tooth), or neuralgia can also be made less painful. There are several painkillers that can help you to tolerate toothache until you can get to a dentist. The one that our medical expert recommends – in small doses – is Co-codamol. This is a very effective medication as it is formulated from Codeine and Paracetamol, both of which are effective in blocking pain. However, when mixed together they are even more powerful. They both help in blocking the passage of pain to the brain which means that the pain does not go away, but you feel it less.

How to use Co-codamol

You can purchase low doses of Co-codamol over the counter without a prescription. Higher dosages will need to be prescribed by a doctor or G.P. If you find that the lower strength drug is not relieving your toothache sufficiently for you to be able to work around it, then a visit to your doctor will be required. He will first of all make sure that your toothache is not due to anything more serious than the usual types of problems like tooth decay and broken teeth. Once this is established, he will check your medical history and look at any other medications that you might be taking. This is because Co-codamol can interact negatively with other drugs. He will chat with you about the side effects of the drug and although rare, will advise you that if you suffer any of them or feel unwell then you should refrain from taking the drug and consult with him or any other medical professional.

Long term use of Co-codamol

Like many drugs, whilst Co-codamol is great for short term pain management, it is not recommended for long term use. As our medical expert will tell you, drugs such as this can become addictive with prolonged use. For this reason, you should see a dentist as soon as you can to get your toothache dealt with.

Look after your teeth

Once you have recovered from your episode of toothache, you can do things to protect your teeth in the future. Clean them regularly and thoroughly and change your toothbrush often. Don’t over indulge in sugary snacks and drinks and use dental floss/mouthwash. By doing this and seeing your dentist on a regular basis for check-ups, toothache should be a thing of the past.

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