Possible Complications of Alcohol Use Disorder

Possible Complications of Alcohol Use Disorder

Excess drinking can lead to various complications, including health problems as well as other complications such as safety problem during driving and legal problems due to excess alcohol (above permissible limit by local law) in your blood. Excess drinking lead to problem in speech, muscle coordination and poor judgment skills leading to various problems.ID-100349949

Health problems due to alcohol use disorder include,

Binge drinking can lead to life threatening coma as well as death. This is the most serious complication of acute alcohol use disorder. To prevent coma and death, emergency management is essential.
Liver problems are common with alcohol use disorder. Excess drinking, especially for long duration can cause alcoholic hepatitis (inflammation of liver due to excess drinking), hepatic steatosis (excess fat deposit in liver), and in chronic cases cirrhosis of liver.
Excess drinking can cause various problems in gastrointestinal tract such as gastritis (inflammation of stomach lining), ulcer in stomach and esophagus. Excess drinking interfere with absorption of various nutrients such as vitamins and cause nutritional problems. Pancreatitis (inflammation of pancreas, which is a serious medical condition) is common among people with alcohol use disorder.
Alcohol can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), as it interfere with glucose release from liver. This is more problematic with diabetics who are on insulin. Hence, diabetics should avoid alcohol.
Drinking alcohol regularly during pregnancy can cause various problems such as miscarriage, birth defect and even cause fetal alcohol syndrome in the baby.
Drinking alcohol for very long duration increases risk of various cancers such as mouth cancer, throat cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer etc.
Alcohol use disorder and excess alcohol abuse can cause weak immune system.
Excess drinking can cause erectile dysfunction in men and menstrual problems in women.
Excess drinking can cause high blood pressure and increase risk of heart attacks and stroke.
Excess drinking can lead to various eye disorders such as nystagmus.
Osteoporosis is commo
n among alcoholics. Fracture rate is higher among alcoholics.
Excess drinking is associated with various neurological problems such as dementia, various peripheral nerve problems.
Alcohol can interact with various medications (for example, metronidazole, some antibiotics etc.) and cause serious problems.

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