Tips for Choosing a Best Hip Surgeon for your Hip Replacement Procedure

Tips for Choosing a Best Hip Surgeon for your Hip Replacement Procedure

Choosing a best hip surgeon for your hip replacement procedure will increase the likelihood of a successful hip replacement surgery. Experienced surgeons performing a hip replacement procedure has affected how a patient will experience the complication requiring a second revision surgery. Song the patients whose surgeons have performed more than 50 hip replacements per year, about 0.7 percent required a revision surgery while those who have performed between six to 25 procedures per year, about 1.3 percent patients needed revision surgery.ID-100321625

The difference in the revision surgery rates were observed in the first six months post the hip replacement surgery. Patients should therefore ask a surgeon how often he/she performs the hip replacements and what are the individual success and complication rates for the procedures. While choosing a best hip surgeon, it is essential to choose one whom they feel comfortable talking with. You should be able to have a frank conversations regarding the time and efforts needed for the post-surgical rehabilitation as well as the short and long-term outcomes and complications with this procedure.

Patients should ask the surgeon whether the procedure will eliminate the limp, will you need to take pain medications, will you be able to participate in your favourite sports, will you be able to put on socks and cut your toenails and will sex become more comfortable. Those of you having realistic expectations post surgery will be more satisfied with the outcome. Preparing for the procedure is daunting considering its overall success rate, this is still a major procedure. You should choose the best hip surgeon for your hip replacement procedure.

The following tasks will make it easier for you to undergo your hip replacement procedure- your surgeon should take time to answer your question about the procedure. You should ensure to feel comfortable to communicate openly and with utmost honesty. Search for a surgeon who will listen to you and treats your questions and concerns with their time and attention. You should ask your surgeon about which approach is recommended for your hip replacement i.e. the posterior approach or minimally invasive approach or the anterior approach. Both these options will require that your surgeon have the extra skills and additions experience in performing these approaches. Do not be afraid to ask for any specific information regarding the procedure.

You should ask what results to expect post surgery and whether you will need the pain medication. You should know what will the typical outcome of the procedure be for someone with your condition. You should ask the hip surgeon about the options for the prosthetic materials and how they will adhere to the bone. The ball and socket components of a hip replacement can be made of plastic, metal, ceramic or a combination and they are attached to the bone using either a cemented or a cement less techniques. Your surgeon will recommend based on your condition and his/her successful experienced using a particular option.

You should ask the surgeon about the possible complications of a hip replacement procedure and whether you are at greater risk for any of them. Although most complications are rare but your previous hip procedures or other health problems such as heart diseases or diabetes may raise your risk to complications. You should ask your surgeon before the surgery about the good outcome and the instruction required to be followed post surgery. This will help you to make lifestyle changes such as losing weight, quitting smoking, building up muscles near the hip which in turn will reduce your odds of complications post surgery and lead to speedy recovery.

With Joint Replacement Surgery Hospital India, you can choose the best hip surgeon and discuss about the hip replacement procedure. You can ask whether you need to start or stop any medications before the procedure and how long the hospital stay will be and the recovery. You should also ask about any adjustments you should be making at home as a preparation for your recovery period. Contact us by sending in your inquiry regarding the hip replacement procedure in India from the best hip surgeon at the top hospitals at low cost.

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