Toronto Cosmetic Clinic: How to Know When Cosmetic Surgery Is Right For You

Toronto Cosmetic Clinic: How to Know When Cosmetic Surgery Is Right For You

Every year, more than 15 million people around the world decide to schedule elective cosmetic surgery procedures. While each person has come to the decision for their own personal reasons, the desired end result is universal: a better you.

Over the last 15 years, the popularity of plastic surgery has grown exponentially. In the United States alone, the percentage of procedures done annually increased by 115 percent and covered a variety of demographics, as well as both genders.

The 100 fold increase in elective surgeries isn’t unique to America. In fact, it’s representative of developed countries across the globe, including Canada, which ranks 10th amongst the countries where the most plastic surgery is performed.tcclogo

Ease of access, more disposable income, shorter recovery times and new and better procedures have all been credited as contributing to the increase in global plastic surgery rates. One of the largest factors behind more people electing to go under the knife is the enhanced focus on celebrity culture.

According to American data released last year, the three most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the country are inspired by three specific celebrities. The most-requested celebrity inspired enhancement is Kim Kardashian-West’s butt. In fact, there was an 86 percent increase in buttock augmentation surgeries and requests from 2013 to 2014, which is roughly the same time period when Kim shot to fame.

Actress Olivia Munn’s eyes and Scarlett Johansson’s lips round out the top three most requested celebrity-esque procedures.

Of course, people also opt for surgery because they want to change a feature that has long bothered them or they want to give themselves a boost of confidence. Over the last decade, the Mommy Makeover has become extremely popular with moms wanting to revitalize their appearance and boost confidence before re-entering the workforce.

Every year, at Toronto Cosmetic Clinic (TCC) we happily perform hundreds of Mommy Makeovers because we believe that Experience the Beauty of Change is truly empowering and life altering. Because our procedures are performed in our state-of-the-art clinic by experienced, respected surgeons, Toronto Cosmetic Clinic patients can expect quick recovery times, which means, in turn, they are able to return to their daily lives and routine quickly and painlessly.

Postoperative care is an integral part of the recovery process and should be monitored by a healthcare professional versed in the complications and issues that may arise from that particular procedure. At Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, patients are given detailed instructions and carefully monitored after each procedure to ensure they are progressing well through the recovery period.

Plastic surgery not only affects physical appearance, it is also linked to an increase in positive feelings about self and decreased anxiety. A growing number of medical professionals also believe plastic surgery can be used as a proactive tool to combat depression.

A 2015 study conducted on patients who were suffering from depression and planning a surgical procedure found 98 percent of participants felt ‘a vast improvement in their overall self-esteem’, following their plastic surgery. The results also indicated a 31 percent decrease in the number of participants taking anti-depressants six months after the procedure, proving plastic surgery can be used to permanently change appearances and attitudes.

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