Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder

Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder

Treatment of alcohol use disorder should be done at addiction treatment center. Because, the treatment strategy depends on the need of the patient and this can be effectively provided in a deaddiction center only. Various treatment strategies are used for treating different alcohol use disorder patients, such as outpatient program, individual or group counselling, residential inpatient program at addiction treatment facility. Doctors may use one or more of these methods to treat a patient. The main aim of alcohol use disorder treatment is to stop use of alcohol and start a new and productive life without alcohol use. Various strategies used for treatment of alcohol use disorder includes,ID-100182780

Detox and management of withdrawal symptoms is usually done in a hospital or in an addiction treatment center. This process may take two to seven days. The patient may be given sedating medication to treat withdrawal symptoms. This is usually done at the initial stage of treatment of alcohol use disorder.
This may be done individually or in a group. This process help the patient to understand his/her problem better and help in recovery. Family members may also be included in this counselling to help understand the problem better and how to cope with it a family unit.
Medications: an oral medication antabuse (disulfiram) may be used for preventing alcohol consumption. However, this has to be done strictly at a hospital or in an addiction treatment center. Because the patient has to be kept under observation 24 hours a day to prevent any unwanted effects due to this drug. During treatment with this drug, even if small amount of alcohol is consumed, it may cause fatal reaction. To prevent this, it has to be done at a hospital or in an addiction treatment center. Drinking small quantity of alcohol during treatment with disulfiram may cause nausea, vomiting, flushing and headache, which makes the alcoholic dislike the alcohol. Other drugs used include, naltrexone that blocks good feeling of drinking alcohol and acamprosate which block craving for alcohol after stopping alcohol.
Support for the alcoholic from family and friends as well as from treating staff is essential for complete recovery as well as for preventing future alcohol abuse. For this, aftercare program should be followed as well as make use of support groups that help in aftercare and recovery. Lifestyle change and change in job or profession are also important aspects.
Treat other associated psychological problems, because alcohol use disorder usually occur along with other psychological problems. If depression or anxiety or any other psychological problem is there, it should be treated adequately.
Treat other medical conditions, if any along with alcohol use disorder. Although, treatment of alcohol use disorder usually improved general health and wellbeing of the alcoholic.
Consider taking spiritual advice regarding alcohol abuse. Practicing spiritual advice can be a great help in preventing future similar problems.

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